Smart Manufacturing

Recognized by the World Economic Forum as a member of the Global Lighthouse Network, leading high-quality and sustainable manufacturing in the battery industry.

Efficient Intelligent Factory

CATL has developed an industry-leading intelligent manufacturing system, and constantly leads innovation in equipment and technology with the independent R&D of a top-notch technical team. With world-class production automation, intelligence, and production efficiency, CATL has built an efficient intelligent factory employing new technologies such as AI, image recognition, machine learning, predictive algorithms and 5G.

Increased Energy Density

Taking the lead in the application of ultra-thin copper and aluminum foil in the industry.

Continuous R&D Optimization

Establish five data platforms for R&D, testing, manufacturing, operation and after-sales, as well as provide a decision-making basis for R&D and excellent operation with over 100 billion big data assets.

Leading Production Efficiency

Single-line production rate of cell: 1s/unit; Single-line production rate of module: 20s/unit.

Product Quality Control

Interconnection network covers 95% of the production equipment and more than 6,800 quality control points are monitored in real-time.

Life Cycle Reliability

Establish a quality tracking system for the whole life cycle from R&D to after-sales. Data will be stored for more than 20 years.

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